How can you help the Rainforest Defense Foundation?

The Rainforest Defense Foundation is all about preventing future pandemics by protecting the Rainforest and preventing viruses from being passed from their natural protected environment into the human population.


• Become a Rainforest Defense advocate, volunteer, and passionate fighter

• Become a Premier Donor: make a donation above $10,000 USD

• Help Rainforest Defense Foundation develop the blockchain accounting system for tracking natural resources from the rainforest and verifying rainforest-safe supply chains.

• Help Rainforest Defense Foundation advocate and support government efforts to stop deforestation and exploitation of rainforests.

• Help Rainforest Defense Foundation to advocate for a global ban on wild animal markets (“wetmarkets”) and trading in endangered rainforest species.

• Help Rainforest Defense Foundation to study how viruses can move from animals to humans and devise new ways to prevent rainforest virus transmission.

Our efforts to build strong forests and healthy communities are making a difference.