We are a non-profit charity, for the people and by the people, called the Rainforest Defense Foundation with the objective to stop future pandemics.

We all know about the threat of Global Warming and the importance of protecting the world’s rainforests, but are you aware that there is another vital reason to stop the deforestation of these rainforests? It is to HALT the spread of the more than 850,000 DEADLY VIRUSES that reside there, which, if released into the general population, will inevitably lead to future pandemics and to many more deaths!

How will the world handle another 2-5 deadly viruses released at the same time?

Epidemiologists predict that this can happen at any time if we don’t take action.

The majority of these deadly viruses have come out of the world’s rain forests.

Some of these hidden viruses are similar to Ebola that killed 90% of its victims. Research shows that this current experience is just a precursor of deadlier diseases to come IF we do not take action to stop invading and exploiting our world forests.

What sets these viruses free is correlated with the rampant deforestation, despite concerted efforts to curb and regulate these practices. As you know, the world’s rain forests are considered the “lungs of the earth” and the current deforestation practices not only release harmful carbon back into our atmosphere but also set free dangerous viruses by infringing on the secluded habitats of the animals living in these regions. By cutting down too many trees, the animals living in those habitats are forced out into areas populated by humans.

Are you content with a future where regular lock-downs, mandatory mask wearing and restrictions around traveling outside of your area become the norm?

Are you worried about the economy and the many other Covid-related challenges that we are presently facing?

Are you fearful of what the future will hold for the next generation, our children, if this continues?

We understand that many people are sick and tired of hearing about Covid-19 and may be feeling overwhelmed and helpless.

Do not resign yourself to the fact that this may be our “new normal”. YOU CAN HELP!

We’d like to invite you to join forces with us to address the challenges we are all facing today. We have a solution to help slow down and deter the spread of pandemic viruses through Blockchain technology, which digitizes the paper trail of wood processing operations in the Amazon and other world forests. We are in the process of gathering teams of experts including PhD’s, epidemiologists and blockchain professionals in order to achieve our goal.

Our Goal:

Force governments to levy huge fines for illegal logging and animal trafficking. We have a way to track animals and illegal forest cuts.

We can’t wait on governments to initiate actions. They are spending TRILLIONS on “MASKING” the problem, instead of addressing the SOURCE of the issues.

The Problem

A November 2020 report in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic was “the greatest threat to prosperity and wellbeing faced by the U.S. since the Great Depression.” In the U.S. alone, the pandemic was expected to cost $7.5 trillion in lost GDP, and combined short-term and long-term health costs of over $9 trillion, for a total of $16.1 trillion – an average of nearly $200,000 lost for each family of four in the nation.


But COVID is just the start. If the underlying problems that led to the COVID-19 pandemic are not changed and the rainforests are not preserved, viruses will continue to emerge, making the COVID-19 pandemic seem to be mild and relatively affordable in economic, social, and human/animal/environmental terms.


Wildlife Farms and Viral Infections

Wildlife “farms” in southern China are the most likely source of the COVID-19 pandemic. Wild animals from subtropical rainforests in this region have been bred and sold for food in recent years. Representatives of the World Health Organization (WHO) traveled to China in March 2021 and discovered direct evidence that wild animals were being transported to the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan and sold. Among the animals transported and sold are bamboo rats and bats. Although the bat is considered COVID’s direct vector from animals to humans from these rainforests through the Wuhan market, other exotic animals are also exploited, and could easily harbor additional dangerous viruses: porcupines, civets, pangolins, and raccoon dogs.


According to Dr. Michael Amusan, one of the Foundation’s advisors, deforestation can be traced as the major cause of most disease outbreaks of the past. Deforestation forces wild animals to leave their habitat and interact with humans, spreading viruses. Illegal timber operations are the main trigger for deforestation.


An August 2020 report in Nature highlighted the direct danger from destroying rainforests and bringing humans into contact with viruses that are native to the rainforest, but not to human populations.


An April 2020 study published by Stanford researchers documented how deforestation and habitat fragmentation caused the spread of deadly viruses in Uganda, as chimpanzees and other primates were forced from their forest habitats into human settlements, and humans left their own communities to go into the forest to collect wood.


Diseases spread from Asian tropical and subtropical rainforest habitat destruction include SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), a related virus to COVID (aka SARS-CoV-2) and bird influenza.

Our efforts to build strong forests and healthy communities are making a difference.