Rick Plontnikoff

Rick Plotnikoff has always been at the forefront of new and innovative environmental projects. Now he is aware that among the many innovations he has spearheaded during his life, Rainforest Defense Foundation (RDF) is the most important. As the founder and President of the Canadian Hemp Farmers Association, he was instrumental in launching and ensuring the success of this pioneering, sustainable industry. He and his company, Canadian Hemp Corporation, played a key role as the first commercial hemp growers in British Columbia. Rick is also the former President of Kayto-Life Herbs, Inc., and oversaw its successful expansion into manufacturing, increasing earnings by 120% through developing new distribution networks and new products.

He is also the President of Earth Wind and Power Corporation, a pioneering vertical access wind turbine (VAWT) business that also patented a new, innovative energy device that ionizes hydrocarbon fuel molecules with lasers to provide photons (electrical) energy. Rick has also served as a director of Novaera Fuels Ltd., a fuel and fuel additive company developing fuels with components from renewable resources offering alternatives to fossil/non-renewable energy sources. In addition to serving as the CEO of the Rainforest Defense Foundation (RDF), Rick is also the President of the IPO Center, providing a full-service launch for companies onto public markets on the U.S. stock exchange.