Covid Pet Danger

We Care for the forest.

We are a non-profit charity, for the people and by the people, called the Rainforest Defense Foundation with the objective to stop future pandemics.

We all know about the threat of Global Warming and the importance of protecting the world’s rainforests, but are you aware that there is another vital reason to stop the deforestation of these rainforests? It is to HALT the spread of the more than 850,000 DEADLY VIRUSES that reside there, which, if released into the general population, will inevitably cause future pandemics and many more deaths.

How will the world handle another 2-5 deadly viruses released at the same time?
Epidemiologists predict that this can happen at any time if we continue to ignore the roots of the problem.

The majority of these deadly viruses have come out of the world’s rain forests.
Some of these hidden viruses are similar to Ebola that killed 90% of its victims. Research shows that our current experience is just a precursor of deadlier times to come if we do not take action to stop the invasion and devastation of our world forests.

What sets these viruses free is correlated with the rampant deforestation, despite concerted efforts to curb and regulate these practices. As you know, the world’s rain forests are considered the “lungs of the earth” and the current deforestation practices not only release harmful carbon back into our atmosphere but also set free dangerous viruses by infringing on the habitats of the animals living in these secluded regions. By cutting down too many trees, the animals living in those habitats are forced out into areas populated by humans thereby helping transmit diseases.

Our efforts to build strong forests and healthy communities are making a difference.